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      Dear Team,

      We have created a new class and persistence mapping to staging database. We did the following steps:
      1. In the Persistence layer, click the Data Sources tab.

      2. Right-click the DefaultRelationalDatabase data source. Select Generate Upgrade Steps.

      3. Leave the default values for Upgrade and Current Data Source.

      4. Select Old Model as the Old Data Source

      and then click ‘Next’, but it is not responding for next screen. PFA logs and please suggest what was the wrong.


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      Ed ShawEd Shaw


      Did you update the datasource file so you have changes to publish?

      The steps are either

      1. make changes to your class persistence

      2. press the “Update Data Source…” tool at the top of the Attribute Mappings tab in the Class Persistence Mapping

      3. review and accept your changes
      (now you datasource will have changes)

      4. Right click your datasource and choose “Generate Upgrade Steps…”

      5. Review and accept the changes after bumping the version number

      6. Set the version number of your model to the new version number using the Model Library


      1. make manual changes to your datasource

      2. continue from step 4 above

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