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      nexj uaenexj uae

      Hi all,

      We have been observing continuous slowness in the Service Request banners. There have been 5 custom attributes introduced on top of existing. Below is the statistics:

      • The query which is being formed contains total of 52 table occurrences (16 unique tables)
      • Number of total joins = 40 of which 32 left joins
      • There are 12 “Case” statements and 4 “Exists” clauses being formed

      We also took NJRequestStat reports and saw observations on ServiceRequestDashboardPortlet:

      • totalTime is as high as 61 seconds
      • networkTime is max 1.25 seconds
      • persistCount is as high as 747
      • loadCount is as high as 613

      Please help us identify the root cause of the poor performance based on above statistics given.

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      Hello NexJ UAE

      It is recommended to work with the project team and custom support on this specific request as it will require more details to go through.

      Few steps which can help with analysis (only examples, not exhaustive list)

      1. compare the SQL query generated with out of the box code and the project implementation.
      2. identifying what code is creating the query
        1. UI / Server side
      3. Redesign the implementation to allow for more efficient retrieval of data
      4. Understanding the data shape of the environment this issue is being noticed





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