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      Ryan HerbeckRyan Herbeck


      I found that when an external value of an existing enumeration is updated and a Load step is added to Main.upgrade to reload the enumeration, the externalCode column in the NJEnumCode table record gets updated, but the externalCode column in the NJEnumDisplay table record(s) do(es) not get updated. When retrieving the external value using Scheme script, the old, incorrect external value gets retrieved (from NJEnumDisplay). Yet the Enumerations pane in the Admin application shows the new, correct external value (from NJEnumCode). This seems like a bug. Please confirm.

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      Clayton ChowClayton Chow

      Hi Ryan,

      I was able to reproduce the issue with a non-system enum;  Non-system enums (e.g. sysEdit) can be edited in the Admin Console, therefore are not updated during the reseed/reload.

      When updating a non-system enum in Studio, it is necessary to also delete them from the EnumCode and EnumDisplay tables (like below).  However, this would mean any changes to the Caption that may have been made in the Admin Console would be overwritten.


      It is a bug that the Admin Console shows the “updated” external Value even though it is not actually being used.  I’ve logged that and hope to fix shortly.



      <SQL><![CDATA[delete from ${table:EnumCode} where valueCode=’ANNUITANT’ and typeCode=’SENTITYACCOUNTROLE’]]></SQL>
      <SQL><![CDATA[delete from ${table:EnumDisplay} where valueCode=’ANNUITANT’ and typeCode=’SENTITYACCOUNTROLE’]]></SQL>.








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