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      Jayant ShewaleJayant Shewale

      I was trying to have a null caption for one text field e.g. “Project”, I was able to provide the null caption but when I was trying to enter the text similar to null caption e.g. I am entering “Project” in the text then the whole text gets disappeared.

      That means any key pressed after entering the similar text as null caption then the whole string in the text field gets disappeared.

      Please let us know whether this is a product bug or expected behavior?

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      James MilosJames Milos

      Hi Jayant,

      Based on my understanding, you are trying to enter the exact same text as the “ghost text” into its corresponding text box. You are then saying that anything typed after this will automatically delete the manually entered text that you had previously entered. Please let me know if my understanding is not accurate.

      This is indeed a product bug and is not expected behaviour. We have a defect logged to track this issue internally.

      Please follow up with me if you need additional information.



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