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      Louis PaceLouis Pace

      I know how to test an “incoming” message. Sysqueue’send sends an xml string to a channel. The service picks it up and processes it as though it had actually come from a queue.

      My question is, how do I test an “outgoing” message. Specifically, if something goes wrong, I want to be able to send to an error queue. But I need to be able to test/mock this locally. Is there any documentation for this?

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      Ed ShawEd Shaw

      I’m not sure of your specific use case, but in general, if you wrap your script in a try/catch then you can do whatever you want in the catch script, including putting a message with the error contents into a queue. Documentation is always being enhanced and there is a big update to community and docs coming with the 9.2 release. Cheers, Ed

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