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      Max WidmaierMax Widmaier

      We are looking to customize the detail report so that a user will see all activities including those from child objects.

      For example,

      Company A

      • Email Task
      • Employee B
        • Admin Time Schedule Item

      What we’d want would be for the detail report to include BOTH the email task and the admin time schedule task.
      From snooping around with JasperStudio and in NexJ Studio, I can’t really find a way to do this.
      The best I found was a query for EntityParticipant inside of ContactDetail_Interactions.jrxml.
      However, I see no way to add onto that querying for child items. I’m not very familiar with the reporting system, but it seems to me that the entity filtering is done by the framework.

      So, you make the queries for EntityParticipant with your various filter, then the framework tacks on whatever parent household/company the original report was using. (That’s what I’m thinking is happening).

      Is this correct? Is there any way to do what I’m looking for?
      Thank you.

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      Nicholas Mc NeillyNicholas Mc Neilly

      As much as possible we would caution against customizing out-of-the-box reports.

      The existing report is essentially linked through the entityParticipation attribute of Entity.meta (i.e. EntityParticipation). It sounds like what you’re asking for may be available through the actRollups attribute of Entity.meta (EntityActRollup). You should perform an appropriate query via the Scheme Console to verify whether or not the actRollups collection references the data you are looking for.

      If it does, then in theory it would be possible to revise the report definition, possibly with the inclusion of a nested subreport that would meet the intended use case. However, this would require the developer to have some experience using JasperReports and JasperSoft Studio.

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      Max WidmaierMax Widmaier

      Ok, thank you. I will do a little digging and testing and see if we can get something worked out.

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      Trevor BallTrevor Ball

      I wonder whether this use case might be better suited to NexJ Reporting, because I think it should be reasonably easy to configure an ad-hoc report along these lines. I suppose the painful part would be having to add the entity to the filters each time you want to run it, but just a thought I wanted to contribute.

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