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      Louis PaceLouis Pace

      I’ve recently started experiencing frequent database locks that are hindering my development efforts. There have been some changes taking place at American Family recently, so I’m hoping to review my database configuration with you and your staff before these issues begin to affect other members of our development team.

      1. I am using NexJ Studio
      2. I have Oracle Client, 32-Bit installed. (This was previously Oracle 10, but our Oracle team reports that 10 is no longer available).
        1. Oracle Client 12 comes with ojdbc8.jar, which I have copied to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_60\jre\lib\ext.
        2. With only ojdbc8.jar copied to the ext folder, I find that I am not able to perform a recreate. I receive only a generic “the datasource is not available” message. However, the datasource is very much available, as I am able to start a server, and I can access the database via Toad.
        3. I saved my copy of ojdbc14.jar (from Oracle Client 10) from my previous machine, and tried replacing ojdbc8 with ojdbc14. This feels like a wrong thing to do. However, it on the surface it seems to work – I can recreate, and I can start a server. However, performance is slow, and I started experiencing these frequent session locks.
        4. Internet searches have not been fruitful, and error messages are generic, vague “not available” or “timeout” messages with no real information. So, on a whim, I added both the 8 and the 14 versions of the ojdbc file to the ext folder. I am able to recreate and start the server. The jury is still out on the session locks. None yet, but I only made this change about an hour ago.
      3. In the environment file, the database adapter is set to “Oracle11g”, even though this is not a value on the pop-up list. This setting has not changed in the seven years that I have been on this project.

      Is all of this correct, or do we need to adjust anything? Do you have any thoughts on what might be causing these session locks? The only difference between me and my coworkers (who are not experiencing any difficulty) appears to be the change to Oracle Client 12, which is why I’m suspicious of it, but I will keep an open mind to any advice that you may have.

      Thank you for your help.

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      Shahzad Qureshishahzad.qureshi

      Hi Louis,

      Before I dig deeper into the issue, may I ask you to try the following?

      Open your environment file that you are using for connection, click on “Data Source Connections” tab, choose the data source from the list you are interested in (usually DefaultRelationalDatabae) and click on “Test Connection” and let me know what you see. If your ojdbc driver is not loaded and found, you will know otherwise it might shed light on the underlying problem.

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      Shahzad Qureshishahzad.qureshi

      Here is a response from one of our devs to one of your questions

      The Data Load Tool does not necessarily use the JRE configured within NexJ Studio as an Installed JRE.  Generally, we can verify using the “Test Connection” button from the Data Source Connections tab in the environment file.  Alternatively, identify all other JREs installed on the machine and copy the ojdbc8.jar driver to the ..\jre\lib\ext folder of each.  Restart NexJ Studio and retry the recreate command from the Data Load Tool.

      Regarding mixing drivers: We should not mix the drivers.  Observed results are undefined

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