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      Henry ZaccakZaccak Solutions

      Using: NexJ Finance 1130.1307.171.53 (e816bc85)

      When we took the latest code release, we setup a new DB for it, recreated the DB. When you go to any contact details (could be a User, but happens with Contacts and Households), then click the left-arrow to return to the Contact list, the search fields all disappear.  The only way to get them back seems to be to reload the app.


      You will see the problem happen at 0m14s into the video when clicking the left-arrow.

      [video src="https://zaccaksolutions.slack.com/files/U01DBNB0RCJ/F01PGHTEQNL/nexj_customer_relationship_management_-_google_chrome_2021-02-20_00-57-45.mp4" /]

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