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      Vaibhav khopadeVaibhav khopade


      Is there a way to call Custom Class Events from a Control on Form or from script of a Form ?


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      Ed ShawEd Shaw

      Yes, the method you are looking for is on the ScriptedController (ScreenController/FormController) in the UI. It is usually accessed as ‘this’ in a screen or form. It comes in two forms, one for instance methods and one for static methods:

      (this’invokeMethod classSym method parameters filters commit)

      (this’invokeMethod instance method filters commit)

      As with all of our scripting help, this information is available in NexJ Studio by hovering over the method name in code. Also, just by pressing the ‘ character after ‘this’ in a screen or form will give you a list of all of the available methods and their documentation.

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