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Access Control List (ACL) functionality permits and restricts access to objects in NexJ Customer Relationship Management.

The following objects can be secured through ACL:
Contacts, companies, and households.
Opportunities associated with contacts, companies, and households.
Interactions associated with contacts, companies, and households.
An interaction is any activity in NexJ CRM, including schedule items,activity plans, tasks, documents, emails, and call records.
Interactions can be single events, such as a schedule item reminding users to call a client, or they can be recurring events, such as a weekly status meeting.

Click here to access the technical discussion paper:
Access Control Lists Technical Discussion

The technical discussion provides an overview of how Access Control List (ACL) controls access to data through the Group Security Model (GSM), Coverage Access Model (CAM), and Hierarchical Access Model (HAM), describes configuration and deployment options, and describes ACL security classes and security rules.

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