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To meet the demands of “truly Enterprise” customer-management, start with a platform specifically designed for that purpose

NexJ CRM, CPM, and CDAi are “enterprise-first” applications. This means that they are built from the ground up on a foundation of enterprise-guiding principles: flexibility, integration, upgradability, scalability, and simple deployment. The nature of the enterprise environment – its functional and technical complexity; its heterogeneous integration landscape; its need for scale and security – demand this.

NexJ’s solutions provide a great deal of run-time configuration straight out-of-the-box. These include custom data elements, codes and system behavior; business rules; end-user reporting; look and feel customizations; security configuration; notification rules; and more …

But for more advanced enterprise customization needs – such as complex, non-replicated integration with other systems, or exactly matching your very specific security or functional requirements, we provide NexJ Studio and our declarative enterprise model. This model lets you work with concepts common to enterprise environments. It is where you declare what you want from the system and the platform takes care of the “how” in an enterprise-appropriate way. At the same time, NexJ Studio increases developer velocity by providing you with the same set of tools we use internally to develop our solutions (visual editors, interactive sandbox environments, debugging support, unit testing), and allows you to customize virtually any part of the application: UI and presentation logic; mobile and headless development; analytics and reporting synchronization; extensions to the data schema; flexible mapping to physical storage; client-specific process and workflow management; ETL tooling for real-time and batch data processing; powerful capabilities for REST, Web Service, Contract Based, and custom integration scenarios; Internationalization and Localisation; auditing; single-sign-on; co-operation with entitlements systems; the list goes on…

We understand the unique enterprise nature and concerns of our clients. We embrace their technical and functional challenges in stride, and don’t address this as an afterthought. We don’t force unnecessary data replication or compromises on data security, visibility and residency. We provide our enterprise customers with the flexibility and control that they need. This enterprise-first way of thinking behind the development of the NexJ Enterprise Application Platform and NexJ Solutions provide configurable, world-class, out of the box functionality with no limits on meeting client-specific business and technical requirements.

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  Comments: 1

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