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      Rob DudaRob Duda

      If I open the Model Library dialog to view my models in Studio, I see Revision and Version columns there. I understand version, the simplest explanation is that it represents the Main.upgrade version that the model is on.

      Here is the context of my question:

      As general rule, we branch our code for each new candidate release to production. There are often many versions added to Main.upgrade while the code is branched to support the efforts of the next release. It would be nice to use revision to reflect the release value of the model.

      I have noticed that the revision was set when the model was first created and has not changed since. Will there be issues if we start updating this attribute as suggested above?

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      Peter MurrayPeter Murray

      The revision property of a model is a free form field to allow you to put a version of the code without any constraints or impact on the actual code, whereas the version is the upgrade schema version that has a lot of constraints and must match the latest Main.upgrade, be unique, and can be referenced by others in base meta, mix-ins, etc.

      The revision can be used for designating builds, branches, releases, etc.  It can be updated by the CI server, by the dev ops team, devs, etc.

      NexJ uses it for build identification for many client deployments and release versions for product delivery.

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