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    Srinivas Suddala
    srinivas suddala


    I would like to show a warning message when we click the close button of browser window.

    For Example:

    when we use the statement (this’browse “http://www.nexj.com” “nexj”), it will navigate to new browser window. I would like to show a warning message popup window like “Do you want to close” with yes and no buttons when try to click on close(cross mark)¬†button.

    Please provide a solution,

    or provide alternative ways to navigate to the other website to achieve this if solution not available





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    Clayton Chow
    Clayton Chow

    The “this’browse” command opens up a URL outside of NexJ Studio control: in the systems default web browser. Since it is outside of NexJ, there is no way to hook into showing that warning message and ultimately that browser is controlled by the URL specified.

    To maintain control of the behaviour, the URL would need to be opened within a NexJ controlled elemeent: so either
    i) embedding the URL in a portlet (which users would not be able to “close”), or
    ii) launching a NexJ UI Popup that has a “Browser” control on the form.

    It would be good to know the context or the reason behind the warning message: as it appears that the behaiour is to have the app control the behaviour of another URL or the browser itself.


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