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      Jimmy TJimmy T

      I am trying to configure a new instance of NexJ Studio.

      I received Eclipse + some plugins from NexJ (in Eclipse-xxx.zip). I unzipped that and running eclipsec.exe shows the screenshot below (image (2).png).

      Next, I was told to make sure that the Mercurial plugin is installed in NexJ Studio. Looking in Eclipse’s  help -> Install New Software ->   “What is already installed”, I see the screenshot below (image (3).png); I think that means the eclipse zip file already had the mercurial plugin installed?

      Next I was told to clone the mercurial repo <ur,l> which I did. This contains some customizations specific to the project I’m wanting to work on.

      However, this is where I get stuck.

      I’m told that I should be opening/importing some base model in NexJ Studio. One of my team members was given a zip file, <packaged zip file>, part of the contents which are shown in image (4).png. Is this the base model I should be opening in NexJ studio? If so, how do I do that? Following step 6 at https://community.nexj.com/documentation/8.8/development-guides/topics/models/creating/creating_working_models.html ? Do I need to extract the zip file in a specific folder, or can I just put it anywhere and selecting it as a base model will copy it to the right folder?

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      Hi Jimmy,

      Once the mercurial project is cloned and setup in NexJ Studio, the .metadata files will tell you about the required jars/mixin files along with their checksums.

      Through the model editor, add those files manually in the “Base Model” tab. You can also click on the “find/magnifying glass” icon to look for the jars (which are in the zipped package folder). Please specific the specific folder.

      Let us know if you run into any other issues in above steps.

      From there, you can follow the setup for database to test connectivity, then recreate locally.

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      Jimmy TJimmy T

      For the training tutorials, I followed the instructions at /learning-center/setting-up-for-training to create the database. I tried to do that, but I don’t know what to set the datapath to (I couldn’t find a path corresponding to C:\nexj_studio\13.0-training\training\databases in the base model directories).

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      As per best practice for the datapath (since this will be common for all projects) and recommendation is to have below folder created and used:


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