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      Henry ZaccakZaccak Solutions

      I added a DMHousehold model, messages, transformations, etc. Now when I come to write the upgrade step I run into a bit of an issue.

      In the dev manual for the DM it lists the following steps:

      Configure main.upgrade

      • Add a new relationalDatabaseUpgrade to “dm:import:Main”
      • Set Data Source to “DefaultRelationalDatabase”
      • Add the “CreateTable” Upgrade Steps” for “AccountXExtId”

      I tried doing this in a customized dm:import:Main.upgrade but I then get a metadata mismatch issue because of the version is not in sync with the mixin (it’s on an older version than my dm:import:Main version).

      If I try to do this in Main.upgrade then it can’t find the DM_DATALOAD aspect… even if I add dm:import: before the aspect name.

      Any thoughts?


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      David McAnuffDavid McAnuff

      In addition to the steps, please ensure you performed these on your new project:

      1. add the NexJ Finance as a mixin
      2. add the  Data Solutions DataImport as a mixin with override checked
      3.  Model Version should equal dm:import:Main.Version

      On the project Module name should equal the module name on DataImport, which is “dm:import”

      In regards to the aspect you may have to add the fields covered by the aspect to your new table.

      Also having “XExtId” implies you are extending the core table Account, if I am correct then the aspect DM_DATALOAD is not required for core tables, it used on staging tables.




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