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      Neil Gildayngilday

      Is a household just the parent entity in the structure?

      Thus household is built off the same class as contact and company?



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      Hi Neil,

      Yes your understanding is correct.

      Below is summary explanation, I have also shared the link to the technical diagram in developer training

      Entity is a base class for Person(Contact), Household and Company

      However, Person.meta is a direct child class.

      HouseHold and Company are child classes of Organization.meta which is also a sub class of Entity

      Entity-> Person

      Entity-> Organization -> Company

      Entity-> Organization -> Household


      Entity-> Organization -> Department


      Functionally, only Person (Contacts) can be in a household and play unique role

      Company and Department are part of hierarchy structure independent of Households

      A contact can belong to both a Company or a Household

      Hope that helps.



Viewing 1 reply thread
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