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      Aditya PhatakAditya Phatak


      We have a requirement to open an external application URL using IE browser (since the URL uses ActiveX and only rendered in IE). I tried using Java Runtime library’s “exec” method to open the URL and it worked.

      Only issue is when I try to pass parameters to the URL – the parameters get suppressed in the URL when opened through code. URL is being formed correctly from the code.

      Can you please check the code and suggest how to proceed with the requirement?

      (import ‘java.lang.Runtime)

      (jre (java.lang.Runtime’runtime))

      (inst ((this’model)’selection))
      (extURL (get-config-property-flag “externalURL” “string” #f))
      (set! extURL (string-append url “?php=-1&frf=-1&lid=” libId “&oid=”(inst’objectId)))
      (jre’exec (string-append “cmd /c start ” extURL))

      Expected URL: https://myurl.testdomain.com/test/webviewer/viewer.asp?php=-1&frf=-1&lid=1000&oid=DAGR53216

      Actual URL that opens in IE: https://myurl.testdomain.com/test/webviewer/viewer.asp?php=-1

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      Clayton ChowClayton Chow

      Hi Aditya,

      After discussing with our core team, the feeback is below:

      “While this may work locally, it would not work in a deployed envioronment: The Java executes on the server, not the client. So you would be trying to open IE on the server and it’s probably running Linux anyways. I don’t have a quick answer for this, as most techniques would now be considered forbidden/security hazard and heavily discouraged by both browser and OS. I would recommend they should train users to start in IE in the first place if they need this feature, with a browser detect that says “This browser is not supported” if opened in Chrome (they can put an input to make it easier to copy and paste the URL or just tell the user to restart in IE at that point).”


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