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      Neil Gildayngilday

      I ran DM_START

      But I don’t think my database has DM_MONITOR. Should it be under stored procedures like DM_START.

      As well in the documentation it says exec DM_MONITOR N’<runbook>’, ‘<batchId>’

      Is the N correct or a typo?

      I found DM_STATUS under Functions. What does DM_STATUS do?


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      David McAnuffDavid McAnuff

      DM_MONITOR, is a stored procedures, which monitors a running process.  It looks like it was left out of the build.  It will be added as a defect to include DM_MONITOR stored procedure in the data import build.

      exec DM_MONITOR N’<runbook>’, ‘<batchId>’ is a valid statement, it N’ denotes the type of string being passed.  If you setting an type of error it due to either the stored procedure being missing or the character being used is ’, which should instead by ‘.

      The DM_STATUS stored procedure returns the status of the batchId request.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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