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      Greg FentonGreg Fenton

      Our customer is configuring the system via NexJ Admin.  They have removed several Type values from the system that are not of use to their implementation.  Now that they have done that, trying to reload the system to enable an upgrade or reload seed data, the system won’t start up.

      Repro Steps:

      1. In MSSQL, set NJVersion.loaded = 0
      2. Start the NexJ Server (I used the Server Console) and make sure it starts up correctly.
      3. In MSSQL, ensure that NJVersion.loaded == 1
      4. Go to NexJ Admin >> Entity Codes >> Entity Types
      5. Right-click any type (I selected Institution) >> Delete
      6. Shut down the NexJ Server
      7. In MSSQL, set NJVersion.loaded = 0
      8. Start the NexJ Server (again, Server Console)

      Expected Result:

      • the system starts up and the CRM & Admin apps work just fine

      Actual Result:

      • Server has errors on start (though the server console does enable the Scheme REPL), the CRM & Admin apps are not running, and the following stack trace is seen in the server console:

      Thoughts?  They are using a UI provided for system configuration, and that UI enables the deletion of these types.  Is there some workaround we can provide that would stop the user from inadvertently breaking their system?

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      Hi Greg,

      I have been in discussion with Henry Z about application configuration. The best practices should be followed when configuring templates and such.

      The required templates should be seeded into the system for long term maintenance. The code package which will be applied will allow users to import/export config.

      Please do note the system restricts deletion of templates which already have associated data.



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        Henry ZaccakZaccak Solutions

        I think the bug is that it should only soft-delete the data and not hard delete the entity type.

        Hard deletes cause the seed data to try and create it again..

        We have put workaround by commenting out the seeded data from creating the deleted data again but will implement a better solution if one is available.


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