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      Vaibhav KhopadeVaibhav khopade


      We are facing issues while running Data Load Tool for locally installed “Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB”.

      Below are the errors we got in NexJ Studio Console –

      ERROR [GenericTool] Error executing the tool command
      nexj.core.persistence.AvailabilityException: Data source “Conversation” is temporarily unavailable. (err.persistence.unavailable)

      Unable to create a new resource. (err.pool.resource.create)

      Even after increasing resource pool size in NexJ Studio, still getting same error.

      Please suggest possible reasons/solutions for this.

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      Ed ShawEd Shaw

      That typically means that the environment for the datasource hasn’t been configured quite right. Often the credentials aren’t correct or sometimes the MSSQL server hasn’t been configured correctly for IP traffic. A great way to quickly test this is to open up the environment file you are working with and navigate to the Data Source Connections tab. Select the Relational Database Connection that contains the datasource that is giving you trouble (in this case the Conversation datasource). On the General tab for the Relational Database Connection you will see the “Test Connection button. Press it and it will try to connect to the database. What you want to see is “Test connection successful”. If there is a problem, you will immediately see an appropriate error, helping you to diagnose the problem quickly without having to start the server over and over. Some example issues are:

      Probably your username or password used to connect is incorrect

      The NexJ Model Server can’t find the MSSQL Server. Your host or port may be incorrect. Also, if you haven’t configured MSSQL properly to allow IP traffic, you will receive this message. Launch the SQL Server Configuration Manager and ensure that TCP/IP is enabled for your server under Client Protocols. The setup of a SQL Server database is also described in our “funamentals” training materials.

      You probably have the database name wrong or you haven’t created it yet.

      Some useful documentation can also be found at Configuring a Relational Database Connection

      Microsoft SQL Server Links

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      Vaibhav KhopadeVaibhav khopade

      Thank you so much Ed for the detailed response.

      Actually¬†after clicking Test Connection also we are getting error message as – “Error: Unable to create a new resource. (err.pool.resource.create)
      Network error IOException: Connection refused: connect”

      Note that we are using “MSSQL Server Express LocalDB” which is different than MSSQL Server Express.

      Also we found below articles mentioning that JDBC driver does not support connection to “SQL Server LocalDB”-



      Please suggest.


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