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FAQs for activity plan templates

This FAQ contains questions and answers about activity plan templates.

When should I consider using activity plan templates?

Use activity plan templates when you want to encapsulate your organization’s best practices into reusable task templates. Also use activity plan templates to save users the time it takes to manually create tasks and documents.

For more information, see Configuring activity plans.

Where can NexJ CRM users add activity plans in NexJ CRM?

Users can add activity plans to entities and users in the Journal tab on the Contacts workspace. An entity is a contact, company, household, or fund.

For more information, see Configuring activity plans.

Where can NexJ CRM users define the start date for an activity plan?

Users define the start date of an activity plan when they add the plan to an entity or user.

For more information about adding activity plans to users, see NexJ Customer Relationship Management User Guide.

How are activity plans different from tasks?

Activity plans are a group of tasks that are linked together in steps.

For more information on activity template steps, see Configuring activity plan template steps.

What is a step and what can I add to it?

A step represents a stage in an activity plan process. A step can contain a task, a document, or another activity plan.

For more information, see Configuring activity plan template steps.

When do steps in an activity plan start?

Each step starts relative to either the date that the previous step was created or completed. You can specify that a step starts immediately or you can select a predefined number of days.

For more information, see Setting activity plan template step creation dates.

Are tasks created from an activity plan always assigned to the same user?

You can specify that individual tasks are assigned to:

  • The user who the activity plan is assigned to
  • A coverage role
  • A specific user
  • A work queue

For more information, see Assigning users to activity plan template steps.

Can users modify activity plan templates?

Administrators can create and update activity plan templates. NexJ CRM users can add additional tasks to an activity plan when they add an activity plan to a contact or user.

For more information, see Modifying activity plan template status settings.

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